We are Lyn, Pol & Chi - a simple family. We share our homes, land and gardens to guests from across the world. Welcome to our humble abode! 

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Resort-Inspired Condo in East Raya Gardens, Pasig City

Lease for the long term or purchase this condo unit in Pasig City, NCR.


Private Suite at the Forest Lodge, Camp John Hay

Stay in Baguio with the luxury of a hotel and the comfort of home.


The Beginnings of Camp Borscht (previously, 1ProjectFreedom)

When we try to seek for something absolutely grand and beautiful, it eludes us. When we try to create one, it comes to us every morning in a different form of majesty. I used to love to travel and dreamed about traveling. I was hoping I could visit Quebec and Cote d'Azur. I was dreaming... Continue Reading →


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