Private Suite at the Forest Lodge, Camp John Hay

Is there a place you’ve visited in your childhood years where you were almost certain that you were in fairy tale land? I was a child but the memories of my family’s visit in Camp John Hay are etched in my heart that I have kept it alive all these years. Our family moved to Baguio City in 1985. Back then, there were very few paved roads and mountains were either covered by thick stands of pine trees or by sunflowers and poinsettias painting the slopes with bright yellows and reds. Fog was so thick in the afternoons that my siblings and I played hide-and-seek in the midst of the fog! Three decades later, the city has transformed and those quaint backdrop have faded into memories, save for one place, my childhood’s happy memory still alive to this day in Camp John Hay.

Our family with The General Bell’s House as background.
My siblings and I playing at Camp John Hay Children’s playground.
Mini golf for little golfers.
Resting under the shade.
My little brother and I enjoying the horses!
My sister won’t let me ride the statue!
Picnic under the trees!
Beautiful flowers and pine forest behind us.

Camp John Hay was formerly a US military base in the Philippines. Now it has become a prime tourist destination and a forest watershed reserve. Who would have known that years later we will part of the small community living in the forest reserve? Our house is a unit at the Forest Lodge Hotel, one of the two hotels operated by Camp John Hay management (the other being The Manor, located right next to the Forest Lodge).  While  inside the hotel, it is a private suite where we can enjoy the comforts of home with hotel amenities. I love the feeling of “living” in a hotel. I love the restaurant, the music room, the large homey lobby. I love the live music every night, the art gallery, and the open spaces. In the camp, I love the manicured gardens, the pine trees, the horses, and the nature trails. I love the cool, clean air, the fog, the morning dew and the sound of the crows. Waking up to this place in the morning makes me relive those sweet childhood memories.

How sweet it is to be loved by you!
Tea, coffee, ice cream, whatever you want!
Horseback riding along the Yellow Trail.
Hotel Front
Parking Lot
Music Room
At the Hotel Lobby
Art Gallery, a dynamic display of excellence.

We have been sharing this experience with our family and friends, and for the third year now, our unit in the hotel is an open house. We signed it up in Airbnb  and have been hosting to guests from across the globe.

A private suite to complement your stay in Baguio City.
Feel at home with your family and friends.
Comfortable and spacious bedroom.
Orthopedic beds for a relaxing sleep.
Breakfast in bed or right next to it.
Pine forest stand receiving the first sun – your view from the large window.
The minibar.
With complimentary drinks.
Dresser and a huge closet.
Spacious toilet and bath with your bath essentials.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on Airbnb

  1. How do I book?
    • You may reserve the unit by sending us a booking request through airbnb. Once the booking request is accepted, your reservation is confirmed. Book here.
  2. Where is it located?
    • The suite is one of the hotel units in The Forest Lodge which is located inside Camp John Hay. It is right next The Manor.

FL map

  1. Can I book for overnight stay only?
    • As of now we accept a minimum stay of 2 nights.
  2. How many guests can the suite accommodate?
    • The suite can accommodate up to 4 adults. Children 12 years and below are considered sharing and are not counted in the number of guests. We do not provide extra mattresses, but if in case needed, guests may request from the hotel front desk for a separate fee payable to the hotel. 
  3. Are toiletries and towels provided?
    • Yes. Towels and towelettes are provided. Shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue rolls, facial tissue and disposable slippers are also provided.
  4. Can I bring my pet/s?
    • No. As of now, the house is open for human guests only.
  5. Can I host a party in the suite?
    • No. Should you need to entertain your own guests, the hotel has a huge lobby, a restaurant, and function rooms open for you and your guests.
  6. Are there other house rules I should know about?
    • This is a non-smoking suite. I understand that some guests can’t help it and it happens that some guests still smoke despite our gentle reminder. When this happens, we charge an extra Php 700 for the extra cleaning of curtains, carpet and the house itself to remove the cigarette odor.
  7. How much is the rate?
    • During off-peak season (June 17- Sept 30), the nightly rate is at Php 2818 for up to 2 guests.
    • During regular season, the nightly rate is at Php 3568 for up to 2 guests. 
    • During peak season (Flower Festivals, PMA Week, Holidays and long weekends), the nightly rate is at Php 5688 for up to 2 guests.
    • During premium season (Christmas, New Year and Holy Week), the nightly rate is at Php 6248 for up to 2 guests.
    • Additional Php 960 per person per night applies to guests in excess of 2. Children 12 years and below are free of charge.
    • Airbnb charges apply. 
    • Rates are valid up to January 31, 2019.
  8. How do I pay?
    • Airbnb will process the payment through your credit card upon confirmation of your booking.  We will only receive your payment from airbnb after your check-out.
  9. Can I pay directly through bank transfer?
    • As of now we do not accept direct bank transfers. All our transactions are through airbnb.
  10. What are the check-in requirements?
    • Check-in is from 2 pm. Early check-in is allowed but subject to the availability of the unit.
    • For your check-in, the card key will be available at the front desk. Please have any valid ID for verification.
    • We will be communicating with you in case there are changes to the check-in procedure.
  11. What are the check-out requirements?
    • Check-out is at 11 am. Late check-out is allowed but subject to the availability of the unit and advance arrangement with us (at least a day before you check-out). There are times when we have incoming guests immediately after and we need to prepare the unit before their arrival. If guests check-out late without advance arrangement with us, we charge a late check-out fee of Php 400 per hour.

Would you like to stay in this suite? Book here!

We would be glad to be your host in Baguio!



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