Family Home in Outlook Ridge Residences, Baguio

There are some places that you know would just stay in your heart forever wherever you go. These places are carved deeply because of the experiences you’ve had in it. One such place is our house in Outlook Ridge Residences. This is where we spent the final days of my first pregnancy and the first weeks of our new life with our first born. This was where I felt my first labor pains. This was where Chi had her first bath. How can a mother forget?

At one month with Chi, our first born.

It was the start of the cold season when we moved here. Somehow the house made the final trimester a little bit easier, a little bit comfortable. I love the hot water running in the faucets and showers. I love the space letting me move around with my big belly without worry of bumping anything. I love the orthopedic beds specially with the burdened back. I love the wide screen TV where Paul and I had a nightly marathon screening of Star Wars episodes days before I gave birth! I love the huge windows and doors letting me view the pine trees, the neighbors, and the horses along Outlook Drive.

Here’s grandpa playing for his first granddaughter in the balcony. 

Chi at her 2 months of age.

I love the staff at the front desk, the housekeepers and even the courteous guards! I love the roof deck with its view of the mountains in blankets of clouds. I love the view of the sky with its sunset hues. I love the scent of fresh pine scent in the morning. I did my prenatal yoga exercises as early as I could while the sun was still easy on the skin.I love that I could do long walks to The Mansion, Wright Park, Botanical Garden, Country Club or Camp John Hay.

Here’s a video of my long walks in days when the preggy felt like walking! I don’t know why I took this video, but somehow I find it funny now watching it. It shows the roof deck, the atrium, the way going to the Mansion up to the Wright Park.

On days when I didn’t feel like cooking, Paul and I just ate out in nearby restaurants. Outlook Drive is already lined with a diversity of food houses and it seems the change has just begun.

Chi at 3 months of age. We were smiling though we were sick with colds.

When Chi reached her 3rd month of age, we decided to move again. Now the house is an OPEN HOUSE. We have recently listed it in airbnb  and started sharing the place to guests.  Book here.

The lobby. The front desk staff never fails to give smiles and greetings!
Sometimes we meet friends and business associates here, also at the lobby.
Open area next to the lobby.
The sun room. During the first days of Chi when she needed the sun but not the cold, we let her bathe in the sun here.
The roof deck. This is where I did my prenatal yoga exercises. The stunning view of the mountains and the pine forests take every bit of worry away.
The living room.
Dining area. Sometimes for eating. Sometimes for writing. Sometimes for surfing!
Very spacious! The wide windows and doors even extend the open feeling.
Balcony next to the living room. Pine trees as neighbors are not that bad. They give shade, fresh air, and they don’t make noise much (except for the crows that sit on their branches).
Common toilet and bath.
The master’s bedroom. But who is the master? The father, the mother or the baby?!
Having a toilet and bath next to the bedroom is really helpful for the pregnant one who needs to do her business every so often!
Balcony next to the bedroom.
The second bedroom. There were days while pregnant when my mind was just “crazy”. When I just wanted some peace and quiet or a little me-time, I rest my self in this room – away from Paul!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on Airbnb

  1. How do I book?
    • You may reserve the unit by sending us a booking request through airbnb. Once the booking request is accepted, your reservation is confirmed. Book here.
  2. Where is it located?
    • The unit is in Outlook Ridge Residences, a condominium development of DMCI along Outlook Drive, Baguio City. You will find in the map below that the condominium is nearby top tourist destinations in the city like The Mansion, Wright Park, and Country Club. A little bit farther are the Botanical Garden and Camp John Hay. It is also a short ride to the Mines View and Good Shepherd Convent.OR location
  3. Can I book for overnight stay only?
    • As of now we accept a minimum stay of 2 nights.
  4. How many guests can the house accommodate?
    • The house can accommodate up to 6 adults. Children 12 years and below are considered sharing and are not counted in the number of guests. There are 2 queen beds and extra floor mattresses are provided for guests in excess of 4. 
  5. Are toiletries and towels provided?
    • Yes. Towels and towelettes are provided. Shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste and tissue rolls are also provided.
  6. Can I bring my pet/s?
    • No. As of now, the house is open for human guests only.
  7. Can I host a party in the house?
    • Yes. Please remind your guests not to “over-party” the house.
  8. Are there other house rules I should know about?
    • This is a non-smoking house. I understand that some guests can’t help it and it happens that some guests still smoke despite our gentle reminder. When this happens, we charge an extra Php 700 for the extra cleaning of curtains and the house itself to remove the cigarette odor.
    • There are resident neighbors in the condo; please observe quiet time from 10 pm.
  9. How much is the rate?
    • During regular season, the nightly rate is at Php 3825 for up to 4 guests. 
    • During peak season, the nightly rate is at Php 4460 for up to 4 guests.
    • Additional Php 500 per person per night applies to guests in excess of 4. Children 12 years and below are free of charge.
    • Airbnb charges apply. 
    • Rates are valid up to January 31, 2019.
  10. How do I pay?
    • Airbnb will process the payment through your credit card upon confirmation of your booking.  We will only receive your payment from airbnb after your check-out.
  11. Can I pay directly through bank transfer?
    • As of now we do not accept direct bank transfers. All our transactions are through airbnb.
  12. What are the check-in requirements?
    • Check-in is from 2 pm. Early check-in is allowed but subject to the availability of the unit.
    • For your check-in, we will be requesting all the names and the plate number of your vehicle. This will help the condo staff in assisting you as guests when you arrive. They may request for any valid ID for verification.
    • The house will be prepared for you and the keys will be given to you when you arrive. We will be communicating with you in case there are changes to the check-in procedure.
  13. What are the check-out requirements?
    • Check-out is at 11 am. Late check-out is allowed but subject to the availability of the unit and advance arrangement with us (at least a day before you check-out). There are times when we have incoming guests immediately after and we need to prepare the unit before their arrival. If guests check-out late without advance arrangement with us, we charge a late check-out fee of Php 400 per half-hour.

Would you like to stay in this house? Book here!

We would be glad to be your host in Baguio!



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