A Growing Gallery of Vegie-Lovers’ Food

It was in the Christmas season of 2012 when my husband and I decided to shift from an omnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet. This decision was mostly influenced by my research on Yoga and my involvement in yoga asanas during that time. The timing couldn’t be worse! The festive season meant get-together with friends and family, all of them serving meat and seafood based dishes on the table. The hardest part of the transition was keeping your social circle active, sitting down with them over dinner, and not eating what they have prepared for you!

Shifting to vegetarian diet also meant spending more time cooking at home than eating out given the very few restaurants and food chains available serving vegetarian dishes. More than four years later, we are still on it! Here I have posted some of the food I cook to serve our family. This is a growing list as I learn more dishes (and have time to take a shot).

Salad greens and scrambled egg served with bun
Chili Potatoes, Carrots, and Green Peas
Barbecue Vegie Meat Fried Rice
Tofu Sisig
Broccoli Soup with Charsiu Tofu
Corned Lentils & Mushrooms with Ranch Cheese
Stir Fry Vegies
Spinach Egg Roll with Sour Cream
Power Juice: Orange, Granny Smith Apple, Carrot, Chia Seeds, & Moringa
Hearty soup of Tomatoes, Beans, Carrots, Celery, Leeks, Courgettes, and Elbow Macaroni.
Moringa Scramble
Scrambled egg mixed with moringa powder. Served with barbecue and ketchup sauce.
Broccoli Fritata
Broccoli florets folded in egg.
Creamy Pasta
Creamy mushroom Sauce served with Spaghettini and Parmesan cheese, topped with parsley.
Bell Pepper and Walnut Fried Rice
Green Bell Pepper, Spring Onions and Walnuts fried with Garlic and Rice. Topped with Vegetarian meat.
Buttered Corn & Egg Scramble
Scrambled egg with tomatoes, onions and corn, served with bread slices.
Mushroom Fritata
Button and Shitake Mushrooms, sauteed in onion and garlic then folded with egg. Here served with vegetarian noodle soup, seaweed (gim) and rice.
Nachos with Vegie Dip and Ranch Cheese
Carrots, Corn, Broccoli and herbs in spicy tomato sauce as dip together with ranch cheese.
Pizza Courgette
Pizza topped with Italian Pizza Sauce, Courgette, Onion Rings, Button Mushroom slices, Tomatoes, and Goats Cheese.
Bitter Gourd Scramble
Traditional Filipino breakfast, Bitter Gourd sauteed in garlic, onion and tomatoes, scrambled with egg.
Potatoes, Carrots and Bell Pepper, cooked with ginger, garlic, curry, chili and coconut cream. Serve with rice or Pratha.
Brussels Sprouts Fried Rice
Shredded Brussels Sprouts fried with garlic and rice, then topped with vegetarian meat.
Ground Chic-peas mixed with herbs and breadcrumbs, formed into a ball and fried. So delicious!
Creamy Mushroom Omelette
Omelette Stuffed with button mushrooms cooked with herbs, butter and milk, then served with toasted bread.
Ricotta and Kidney Bean Pâté
Ricotta cheese blended with Kidney Beans and herbs frozen then served with Salad and toasted bread.
Steamed Vegies with Lentil Bolognese Sauce
Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts, topped with Bolognese Sauce using Lentils and Carrots

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