The Beginnings of Camp Borscht in Tublay, Benguet

When we try to seek for something absolutely grand and beautiful, it eludes us. When we try to create one, it comes to us every morning in a different form of majesty. I used to love to travel and dreamed about traveling. I was hoping I could visit Quebec and Cote d’Azur. I was dreaming of experiencing autumn chills in the temperate part of the world. To see places, that was my plan. Although I never really asked myself why. Until events took place in my life, and probably, the soul trying to steer the course of this lifetime to a different direction, I found more meaning in devoting my life in creating a place other people would want to be, not just to see, but to actually experience in all levels of their being, from their eyes to their souls. I thought wouldn’t it be great if, in this part of the Pacific where history gives pain and the future seems dark, the people seem ever lost, the quality of life always in comparison to the Western modern civilization, and the dismal level of awareness that our lives are in chains, there is a place no matter how small where life is an absolute contrary, an example of how people ought to live, free to THINK and BE?

And so the dream to travel ended with the beginning of 1ProjectFreedom, certainly not a painless route to take, but a personal feeling that this could be a closer path to the truth. More often than coincidence, I come across inspirational people, common folks who’ve got the real deal of simplicity, share of a wisdom that Gardening leads to Spirituality.


Update: March 5, 2018

1ProjectFreedom has been renamed to Camp Borscht for no reason at all.


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